Sabay Sabay Cabaret


No. 1 Cabaret Show and LGBT venue in Phnom Penh


More than 15 spectacular performances every night


Hosted in a capacious 725 sq ft x 800 sq ft venue


People check-ins

Enter a world of bliss and

spectacular live performances

Truly exceptional and beyond sensational, the Sabay Sabay (means “Happy Happy” in Khmer) Cabaret Show is a highly-entertaining spectacle that is sure to leave its audience breathless and genuinely captivated. Held every night at the very luxurious Valentino’s Night Club & Bistro, the Sabay Sabay Cabaret Show combines music, song, dance, recitation, drama and other forms of art and entertainment that makes it a truly unforgettable event to witness and experience.

The programme also includes traditional Khmer song and dance presentations, which gives first-time visitors in Cambodia a chance to appreciate and immerse themselves in local culture. See and enjoy elaborate choreography, stunning outfits, impressive light & visual effects, tasteful humor and other brilliant aspects that make the Sabay Sabay Cabaret show a perfectly remarkable production.

Truly Exceptional and Beyond Sensational


“The performers, the light effects, the music, the food...everything is just perfect. The Sabay Sabay Cabaret Show is a world-class production.”

“This show is very aptly named. I really had fun! I’ll definitely come back again.”

“Fantastic! Superb! Wonderful! What else can I say? If you’re planning to visit Phnom Penh, you must see this show!”

“Wow! I never thought I’d have such a good time here in Cambodia. I love this show!”

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