Established in December 2016, Valentino’s Night Club is a world-class establishment that offers luxurious dining, electrifying live music and highly-entertaining performances that is sure to leave patrons breathless and purely captivated.

In December 2017, the venue went through extensive renovation in preparation for its “1 st Year Anniversary Celebration.” Some of the highlights of the celebration were the grand launch of the “Sabay Sabay Cabaret Show” and the “New Year’s Eve Countdown Party.”

So, how does one’s unforgettable evening begin at Valentino’s? Typically, with a taste of delectables and drinks from around the world. From mouth-watering steaks to exotic Cambodian dishes, from exquisite wines to special cocktails, Valentino’s Night Club offer a wide selection of food and beverage that can either set the mood for a relaxing evening with loved ones or “get things going” if you’re looking to have a “big night” with friends.

Filled and satisfied, guests can then listen or dance to live music performed by internationally and locally- recognized DJs. Some of the DJs that recently played at Valentino’s Night Club are DJ Alex Matt (Cambodia), DJ Lyka (Cambodia), DJ Jelly (Cambodia) and Jon Valencia (Cambodia).

What makes a night at Valentino’s Night Club a truly memorable experience, however, is the highly- sensational “Sabay Sabay Cabaret Show.” Combining impressive light & visual effects with breathtaking choreography, stunning outfits and tasteful humor, the nightly “Sabay Sabay Cabaret Show” have all the makings of a spectacular production. What is more, the show features traditional Khmer song and dance performances – making their experience even more unforgettable.

Indeed, with all of these wonderful offerings and other exciting plans awaiting guests and patrons, Valentino’s Night Club is – without a doubt – is the perfect venue for tourists, members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, food enthusiasts and everyone looking for a good time in Phnom Penh.

Dine. Dance. Dive Into Your Heart’s Deepest Desires