About Us

Enter a world of bliss and spectacular live performances


Truly exceptional and beyond sensational, the Sabay Sabay (means “Happy Happy” in Khmer) Cabaret Show is a highly-entertaining spectacle that is sure to leave its audience breathless and genuinely captivated. Held every night at the very luxurious Valentino’s Night Club & Bistro, the Sabay Sabay Cabaret Show combines music, song, dance, recitation, drama and other forms of art and entertainment that makes it a truly unforgettable event to witness and experience. The programme also includes traditional Khmer song and dance presentations, which gives first-time visitors in Cambodia a chance to appreciate and immerse themselves in local culture.

See and enjoy elaborate choreography, stunning outfits, impressive light & visual effects, tasteful humor and other brilliant aspects that make the Sabay Sabay Cabaret show a perfectly remarkable production. The show is most suited for locals, expats and tourists of legal age, and is well-supported by members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in Phnom Penh.